Mossy Oak Pocket Square

Hunting Season FeverPicture this: the day before deer opener, you're laid up at home fighting a gnarly cold. It feels like you've been hit by a freight train and as the day wears on you're nervous you won't be well enough to hunt on a chilly November morning. Soup, orange juice, and cold medicine have helped you fight a fever and curb the sting in your throat, but is it enough? Choosing to remain optimistic, you pack daytime meds and a huge pack of lozenges with your hunting gear and hope for the best. When you wake the day of opener, most of the cold is gone, but your nose runs like a leaky faucet. You're going to need to stem that flow if you want to keep from sniffling and startling approaching deer, but tissues aren't a practical option when you're sitting up a tree.Fun DetailsYour best bet is a handkerchief. With this Mossy Oak Pocket Square, even a const...

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