Foil Satin Wonder Woman Corset with Skirt

Power UpThere's so much to do. You've got to commute, work all day, make dinner, and get some sort of exercise. Perhaps you even need to take care of little people too! Wow. Life gets crazy fast. Do you need a little more energy in your day-to-day? Maybe you can put down that energy drink and fake it til you make it. How does that work? It's easier than you might think. This corset costume will make you feel like you came straight out of Themyscira and you're ready to take on the world!Product DetailsAre you ready to amp up your life? This costume is sure to add a dash of Wonder to your life. This is a corset that secures hook and eyes up the back. It's structured with light boning and has gold fabric piping along the boning as well as the neckline and hemline. A sweet, layered blue skirt is attached to the hem for extra fancy flounce to your look. 

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