Wonder Woman Sequin Corset

Of all the women in the DC Universe, few (if any) can hold a candle to Wonder Woman in terms of sheer butt-kicking power. Diana of Themyscira is potentially as strong as Superman himself, able to punch through an entire planet without even trying. She can survive going through a black hole unharmed, can move faster than the speed of light, is the best melee fighter in the world according to Batman himself, and she can even teleport and talk to animals, too.On top of all that (which is already a lot!) she carries the Lasso of Truth and wears the Sandals of Hermes, the Gauntlet of Atlas, and the unbreakable and infinitely powered Bracelets of Submission. She even out-crazied The Joker on one notable occasion. Is there anything Wonder Woman is missing? Hmmm...Absolutely not, no, but you might be missing the warrior princess’ signature corset. Our officially licensed Wonder Woman S...

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