Day of the Dead Pink Glitter Face Art

Simply ElegantLooking through all the examples of Catrina make-up and Sugar Skull designs to find your Day of the Dead make-up inspiration can get a little overwhelming. Ideas go from bright and playful to elaborately detailed, giving you almost too many options. When it comes time to sit in front of the mirror and set to work, that clean white foundation and black contouring make-up can look intimidating. So, take a step back. Don’t overthink it, just reach for this Pink Glitter Day of the Dead Face Art and you’ll have the perfect combination of color and elegance for your look!Fun DetailsKeep your Day of the Dead make-up routine simple with this self-adhesive face art set. After applying your foundation and darkening your eyes, all you’ll need to do is set the stickers in place to compliment your natural bone structure, creating a gorgeous skull look. With...

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