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Brew Rite by Rockline Urn Coffee Filters (1.5 gal, 500 ct.)

Do you have a large coffeemaker at the office or warehouse? If you do, then you know just how important it is to have the right commercial coffee filters available, so the coffee can be made properly. Consider stocking up on these Brew Rite® by Rockline® Urn Coffee Filters, as they could be the best coffee filters for the job. Why Should You Choose the Brew Rite by Rockline Urn Coffee Filters? These Brew Rite coffee filters have been whitened utilizing oxygen rather than bleach. You'll find that the coffee urn filters will work for a wide range of different types of 1.5-gallon coffee brewers. They work as BUNN coffee filters, and they will work on Fetco®, Newco®, Cecilware®, Curtis®, Bloomfield® and American Metalware® makers. Where and How Can You Use the Brew Rite by Rockline Urn Coffee Filters?...

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