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Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

For anybody who has not witnessed a fire, it's hard to believe how fast the natural element spreads. Taking over homes quickly, one only has a limited time to be run away and be safe. Equally frightening is odorless carbon monoxide gas. Therefore, it is important to protect your family and loved ones. With the Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, you'll be covered for the next 10 years. What Is Important about Having a Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm? A carbon monoxide alarm can save lives, and that's because you may never notice it in the air you're breathing. Carbon monoxide emits from various appliances you use in your home and can be released from anything that burns fuel. That means common, everyday appliances you use, like a gas heater, stove and refrigerator. The Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm detects the odorless gas before it becomes overwhelming inside of y...

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