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Dewalt DW1208 1/8" 135 Split Point Cobalt Cobalt Tool Accessories Drill / Driver Accessories Drill Bits

Dewalt DW1208 1/8" 135 Split Point Cobalt 1/8" 135 Split Point CobaltThe DeWalt 1/8" 135 split point cobalt is an extremely durable and useful attachment. Use this to increase your drilling efficiency and decrease your work time. Superior build quality means you will be using this bit for years with minimal wear and tear. A must have for any professional or do-it-yourselfer.Features:Maximum Speed & Life in Stainless Steel and other hard metalsPilot Pt Tip Design starts on contact and eliminates bit walkingIndustrial Strength Cobalt for optimum life & durability in MetalSpecifications:Quantity/Card: 1Diameter: 1/8"Diameter: .1250 mmDrilling Depth: 1.62Overall Length: 2.75"DEWALT is firmly committed to being the best in the business, and this commitment to being number one extends to everything they do, from product design and engineering to manufacturing and service. Drill Bits Cobalt

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