bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop- Rouge
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bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop- Rouge

If you find your home regularly draped in blankets of fur, then this robotic vacuum cleaner is made just for you . The b Obsweep Pet Hair Robotic Vacuum and Mop picks up all of the hair and dirt scattered about your floors using a Turbo Liftâ„¢ vacuum and extra-long main brush . Hair-Hungry Vacuum Designed for Pet Owners This vacuum features Turbo Lift, a feature that lifts durt and dust from the floor, making it easier for the b Obsweep to capture . Plus, an extra-long main brush allows him to cover more surface area with better efficiency . Mop Attachment Wipes Away Paw Prints Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners on the market, the b Obsweep Pet Hair Vacuum includes a mop attachment . The microfiber attachment is easy to affix to the bottom of the vacuum so it can get busy wiping and polishing your floors . Schedule a Cleaning Routine for Every Day Program a cleaning routine fo...

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